Pavel S.Vorontsov (li_bao) wrote,
Pavel S.Vorontsov

Глупая лошадь, язык оригинала.

innita своим рассказом о сенинаре Вадима Левина разбудила воспоминания. Да ещё и сказала, что "Глупую лошадь" недавно перевели на язык оригинала. А чем я хуже?! (голосом домомучительницы из мультика про Карлсона)

- Mr. Pain, Mr. Pain!
When you'll came to us again?

- In a hour, upon my word!
- Mr. Pain, oh, thanks a lot!


- Mr. Sneg, Mr. Sneg,
When you plan to came here back?

- In a hour, or cut my leg!
- Thank you much, oh dear Sneg!

Danniel-Danny, his father and cat
Cutted new snow with shining new skate.
When almost exhausted they came into house
Maggy The Granny recalled them with pause.

Danniel-Danny, his father and kitty
Had eated a lot of hot meat with the chilly (??? строчка вообще никуда, подскажите?)
And settled each other in row by the fire
To warm up their hands, their tails and thier other.

Beside of the knee of Maggy The Granny
Is slipping in shadow my Danniel-Danny,
The hat ot his father is slightly in vapour,
Kitty had rolled up and started to purr...

... Простите мне мой ингриш, давно не упражнялся.
Tags: перевод, стихи

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